Clearing of the ways

The end of the year is nearly upon us, so for me that means tidying up and clearing up in preparation for the festivities ahead of a New Year. It’s always a privilege to be allowed to enter anyone’s life let alone their home. Since returning from hospital I’ve been on a go slow but below is a snap of one of my notice boards. It sits in my kitchen and has nearly changed in years as I’m happy with my selections. They remind me of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen which is handy in times of Covid and uncertainty about our collective futures.

It’s noticeable that pottery dominates which hardly reflects all I do. Tomorrow I’ll be away on a one day etching course so the plan is to continue with printmaking afterwards now I have explored that media further. Next month, all being well I’ll be in my favour county of Yorkshire to share with other artists and maybe do some art with them.

I’m taking up Tai chi, as recently politics has taken over too much of my time on Twitter and December will be the last month that I’ll be one there nearly everyday. I hope to meet a few of my longest followers round the country next year but Artist of the Month might prove impossible to continue without being on Twitter constantly. I cannot do it that way anymore if so.

Media of the week will straddle November and December this month to fit in with festive preparation but to continue to pare down on commitments to avoid my joy of artwork becoming a burden and a chore. It is always hard work but in my efforts to remain an amateur by choice I got sidetracked by sharing my personal narrative because I adore sharing art. I adore sharing ideas. I adore sharing. Such is my enthusiasm a sibling of mine mistook it for trying to impress and be competitive. With age comes a greater willingness though to observe and listen. To hear and see thing from another’s perspective without the green eye of envy.

At time of typing, I’ve reconnected with the joy of writing and dabbling rather than adding to my workload by pressurising myself with attempting to finish a single thing. I’d rather ‘finish’ the blocking out of an idea instead be it a drawing or painting or working a piece of clay. The love of this process has saved me from shutting down again from creative pursuits for another long gap. I’ve more than made up for my last such break so it matters not if I complete my challenge of this year or not by this 31st December 2021. I never stated I’d finish the year I started. 365 artworks have probably been done anyway by me this year. Not all are 2D, one piece was written and then there was this poem written years ago. One artwork for each day of 2021 was this year’s challenge.

A recent work

Next year’s was to be quick draws to a piece of music which I might attempt but I’ve had a new idea I’m more excited about. I hope you stick with me to see what happens next and I hope these tweaks in my schedule if nothing else proves we really do find what we seek. Nothing at all need be a burden with the right attitude, nothing need be written in stone until we are wise enough to carve a truth upon it.