Restart 2022

I was quite proud of myself having completed my challenge of last year of an artwork for each day of the year. It seems a shame to stop but really that ought to have been challenge enough without adding projects each month and Media of the Week among everything else. Below it the link to all 365 works bar two that are mislaid that I know of. I’ll add them when I find them.

This year my Daily Draw is a quick sketch for every day of no more than 30 minutes but more usually a 5 or 10 minute sketch and instead of prompts I’ll be drawing to pieces of music but not necessarily to the title itself. It gives us a starting and finishing point and a rhythm to work to.

Instead of Project of the Month I’ll be doing weekly projects and I’m switching Media of the Week to Media of the Month which this month will be dedicated to print. My focus will be on more time consuming works. I want to get back to pottery and take greater care over the artworks I produce. I need to avoid feeling rushed or putting myself under pressure as I did last year.

Finally I want to get back to drawing from life instead of from photographs although printmaking does tend to lend itself to design. However they’ll be some still life and plein-air I hope along the way as the year progresses. I hope you can join me and join in on my challenges. It would be lovely if you did and great to hear from you if so. It just remains for me to add…

Happy New Year!