Media of the Week: Printmaking 7

Print Week Finale

My apologies for being late to complete my blogs each day and particularly over the weekend I was swamped with ideas but frankly got in a mess which resulted in the house getting taken over entirely. I simply had to slow up, not least to ensure I could cook something to eat, which meant I had to do a major tidy up.

I learned years ago that as you get absorbed in something creative it’s best to keep a notepad handy for ideas that occur rather than try to do them. That way you end up with a book of ideas for whenever you’re stuck for subject matter or techniques and mediums to try. I also learned that doing too many things at once when you’re tired and the place is in a mess only results in more mess and poor results.

Saturday I was not just burning the candle at both ends but in the middle too with the result that yesterday I could hardly think straight to do anything at all. So for the rest of this week I’m on a go slow to finish work from last week.


The examples below are from years ago as in order to kick the week off, I decided blog with works I already done.

A couple of days ago one of my followers on Twitter, Jemma Gunning announced that she was running a course this week using foil for her monoprints. “Foil???” I said “Foil, resists ink.” Apparently not if you apply grease. She intends to run another course on it in the autumn. Any resists when Monoprinting (wax, oil for waterbased ink and anything plastic or shiny you can use as masks). I have yet to really go to town on monoprints but hope to this week as I finish off pieces from this week.

Don’t forget you can draw into the ink as well as on the back of the paper and that different pressures and implements yield different types of marks. Some of the most interesting results can be produced when cleaning your ink plate with a piece of paper as you can see in the bottom row above. Bottom right I then added a bit of watercolour to finish.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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