Media of the Week: Acrylics 6 Mixing it up

If you forget everything else about acrylics no matter what you’re attempting just remember two things. Firstly, they are extremely versatile and secondly they are extremely forgiving. Not much else really matters that much regardless of ‘mistakes’ because as another art tutor once told me “all art is a process of correction”.  I largely agree, it’s certainly a process and vehicle of learning.

So far, I’ve taken to you through the types of acrylic products available to buy currently (marker pens, tubes and tubs, and spray paint) a few techniques (watered down, thickened, poured, splattered, dribbled, flicked, sprayed, printing, drawing, dabbed, brushed and palette knife) and a few additives (gesso, plaster, glue. Bitumen, flow improver) and a couple of ‘subtractives’, (nail polish remover and paint thinners).

Just take that in for a moment, as that’s quite a list on it’s own and in 5 days I haven’t covered everything. What other paint medium do you know of that can do all that so easily and have a quick drying time overall? Sorry, oil paint artists, it’s that last one most of all perhaps why oil paints don’t quite equal acrylics. Drying time. Fear not though, oily art lovers, you #MediaoftheWeek slot here will come so long as I can find a guest or guests to do it. As oily, icky sticky things and I are not the best if friends.

Armed with this knowledge why wouldn’t a novice want to start painting with acrylics? They are overall cheaper than oils and most of the time water, a scourer or scraper and a cloth will be all you need to clean up everything when an artwork is finished if you’re quick about it which is also economical.

However, you can if course also mix acrylics with I think all other art mediums for mixed media work. The bottom right painting above does so with oils.

Many an art student these days is encouraged to explore art mediums in a journal not buy writing just nites, but by doing in a journal. And those journals soon turn into a valuable resource of information as well as a record of experiments tried. Wish I’d done it in my day frankly. I have tended toward blogging but tried to do it year had a go. I found I was spending more time worrying and fretting over my journal than trying things for an artwork. So that’s why I experiment on artworks now and don’t keep a journal; I should maybe consider notes on the back of them. Here’s just one of many videos I found to illustrate. Oodles of them out there.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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