Media of the Week: Acrylics 6 Mixing it up

Mixed media

Heavens, where to begin! How about a couple of things not yet mentioned, stamps, masks, stencils. It’s a start. More though, much more… Magazines, newspapers, fabric, wallpaper, tissue paper, 2D scrap of any kind you fancy so long as it will stick to a canvas of board, or indeed wall if you’re into street art. For 3D of course you can go much further but for simplicity, I’ll stick to 2D as I need to crack on with this one.

To get some things out of my system I now occasional turn to collage work as ripping and tearing old things up I find therapeutic. I never know what I’ll find, have cut it down to saving just one bag of bits from previous projects. It’s a large bag but at least it’s only one to avoid my home getting cluttered so I can relax afterwards.

With printed words I do have stencils but I find it saves time to just pick out words that strike me as good to include from free newspapers or old magazines. (Ask your newsagent if they have any). Finished or not, like it or not, the first one is one of my contenders to complete my this month’s project now along with two others you’ve already seen started this week if you’ve popped in everyday. It’s a rare attempt at street art on a canvas over an issue I remain passionate about. It’s called… ‘Collapse’ to fit 8n with my year long challenge.

As a by product I then glued down the scraps from this first one to do the two below. 3 for one. Bargain. I note about newspaper, newsprint of thin printed paper. Once wet colours often run, or become muted and they can become transparent enough to reveal what’s printed on the other side or when nothing is what colours you’ve pasted to. Handy, of you just need a guide as to where to place colour. If want to tone down an area tissue or tracing paper over the top. And for distressing an areas resists like wax and watery acrylic, or spray water on wet acrylic, smudge, blue, scratch, rub… You get the idea.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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