Media of the Week: Ink 1 – Just draw

‘The Eagle’

I’ve chosen ink this time for a couple of reasons, the first being #Inktober is just around the corner and the second is that while I do many ink drawings, what I’m not doing is stretching myself to explore this media further. I seem to have become a creature of habit when it comes to drawing with ink and tend to use a 0.005 nib even for large areas. I also chose ink as it happens to be easier to tidy up than printmaking and acrylics, which I’m particularly fed up with now, given I’m also doing pottery again.

You still have to be careful though about unwanted spillages, accidents and marks on surfaces and textiles even with a sealed pen. As if you don’t put a lid on it when not in use you can end up with marks on your favourite cushion or your expensive sofa or clothes.

Ink comes in many forms besides sealed pens to draw with, there are dip pens, cartridge pens, biros. There are too pots of ink that like all forms on ink, come in a variety of colours besides Indian ink which is black. I am unsure as to if there’s much difference between calligraphy ink and drawing ink, maybe I’ll find out as the week progresses. Then there are printing inks, ink pads and probably much more besides. In short we have a range of options.

When it comes to liquid and printing inks in particular (both oil and water based), you can then play around further with mixed media include water, alcohol, paint, collage bits and bobs and resists like wax. I hope to cover most of these options this week, but the main drawback for many when they think of ink is that it’s hard to cover up marks once you make a mistake resulting in many avoiding it altogether which it a shame as that’s not always true and if nothing else Indian ink is a great addition to have whenever you want a deep black area and far less time consuming that trying to achieve it with watercolours for example but also for most paints and mixed media too.

Today is all about drawing using ink. Above are a few more examples of ink drawings using just a pen to highlight to myself as much as you, some of many ways you can draw with ink before going any further and below are come examples of the marks you can use. Zoom in to see which marks were used on any ink drawing not least for where they occur to produce texture, shade, contours, patterns and note too where outlines are used.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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