Media of the Week: Ink 3 – Brushwork

Ink painting using black calligraphy ink, water and a flat watercolour brush.

Bizarrely, anything you can do with acrylic paint, (last month’s Media of the Week on here you can probably also do with ink too, even impasto work. You’d need to mix up some flour and water first before adding the ink, but it ought to be possible even with a spatula or glue spreader. Likewise you can dribble, spatter and pour ink just like with acrylics. For pouring techniques, which seem very popular at present you need alcohol inks and some form of blending medium to go with it and you apply it using very similar techniques. That though is reserved for Saturday’s blog with a few other things I have up my sleeve as it’s not brushwork.

Above is one of my examples using just a few drops of ordinary black calligraphy ink, water and a small watercolour flat brush. The ink in places has a brownish tinge which I rather like and it was an experiment in tonal work based on a photograph I found on Pinterest. Thinking about it now I could perhaps have tackled it a different way by applying a series of layered washes over the whole page going from the lightest to the darkest. Below are more examples of brush work though, this time from other artists.

Now, you can paint with ink just as you would with watercolour and indeed make up hues by mixing them together, but what’s been fascinating me of late has been painting as they do in China and Japan. In Europe we tend to paint with the whole brush whereas over in the Far East the tradition is to paint with just the tip of the brush which is why I taped one onto a stick. Their whole approach to painting and indeed art is very different from everything I was taught in school.  It’s much more of a meditation than what I’m used to, and in these times what artist doesn’t need a fit more of that now?

If you’ve read my Media of the Week for Acrylics you’ll know about Peter, an art tutor I had once who encouraged lots of interesting marks. To me mark making is one of my main interests as we more we practice, the more we develop. So here are some more examples of specific techniques I’m eager to try.

Here’s a couple of efforts of mine  attempting to try some of the brushwork techniques I found on Pinterest where you can see all of my efforts this year for my challenge if you don’t follow me on Twitter where I am  @social_sketch. I couldn’t get Sketch Social there and seldom have time for DMs but it’s where you can keep up with what I’m up to.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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    1. You’d best read what I’ve just posted on Day 6. I’m ok, but… Just read to the end. Please encourage others never to take any risks without not only checking yourself for health and safety but what to do in the event of any any incident. It’s not always necessary to call for an ambulance if you know what to do, and as they sadly are extremely busy due to Covid and backlogs anything we can do to ease that I think is good.

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