Media of the Week: Ink 4 – Dip, dip, dip, dippy

Having explored a couple of Japanese brush work techniques, which I’ve updated on yesterday’s blog now. I want to return to drawing with a stick. Once again it is the Far East that continues to inspire with their bamboo pens, but I’ll be coming back to pens a bit later in this blog. This time my stick has got some masking tape on it so that I don’t have to reload it with ink quite so often. It’s giving me a new freedom and so far it’s been quick to do like the ones below one of which reminds me of cave paintings.

All you do is just scribble and because we humans like to make order out of chaos we often end up finding heads, faces and other images even when none were deliberately drawn. Try it, it’s quick to do and it can be quite a challenge not to end up seeing anything recognisable at all.

Here’s some more examples from others which can all be done with a stick and something attached to them some were, some weren’t. Can you tell which is which?

I’m coming back to dipsticks for other reasons though. The first being that it occurred to me you can tape anything absorbent to a stick to draw with from a feather to a piece of string, cotton wool or any type of fabric and of course there’s bamboo pens. So, here’s how to make a couple of types of dip pen.

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