Media of the Week: Ink 6 –  Repairs, Rescues and Rich ideas

An artwork with Tippex on it from years ago. I still loathe the background and how it doesn’t match the paper.

On Monday’s blog I mentioned that some folk fear using ink as a medium as it can be so immediate that it seems permanent as soon as you’ve made a mark, especially when using black Indian ink. I hope I’ve shared enough techniques to give you some options on how to proceed if you to happen to make a mess of anything inky you work on. Aside from adapting, which I’ll touch on later, I begin with a handful of repair options so no one has any excuse for not joining in Inktober, this or any other year if the wish to.

First up is masking fluid which is more a preventative to protect any area from inky marks you don’t want whether you’ve worked on them or not. I don’t get on with it myself as I have seemed to have missed a crucial step in it’s application as when I tried it it invariably tire the paper when I tried removing it. Unlike this short clip which combines ink drawing with an alcohol ink painting.

There are many things you can use for masking areas including masking tape on it’s own or to tape down a piece of paper, my favourite though is a clear wax and in particular batik wax, or you can use a candle wax. It’s not very accurate though. It ought to be possible to use oil or Isopropanol as a resist for waterbased ink and water for oil based though.

In the examples above some areas were just not working. Years ago I used to use liquid paper (Tippex to be exact), but the trouble with that is that it goes clumpy after a while and it’s very difficult to match the whiteness of it. Far more commonly now I use a white gel pen. Above, I’ve used it on the water in two of the works and the backgrounds in the first two. I also use gel pens to add details as I go along and by smearing it with my finger while wet it can blend in nicely if not thickly applied for small areas. Best to practice your repairs before your next masterpiece is started really as initially I made many things worse!

White gel pens don’t suit all mediums and aren’t  ideal for larger areas, but you can wet your work to help blend in marks although it not ideal when you have a scratchy set of marks from them. I never found white chalk based pens any good but for larger areas there’s chalk itself, white ink, pastels, gouache and acrylics which you can colour match with for any hue. You could probably try household emulsion too.

Really sorry not to have got any further here, but despite all precautions mention the fumes from my ‘rubbing alcohol’ or surgical spirits nearly resulted in my having to call an ambulance while experimenting with Yupo paper and alcohol inks. Am nearly fully recovered now.

I might not have been so lucky had I not acted as quickly by getting outside drinking water, which may have added to the symptoms initially but continuing eventually helped before going the NHS online 111 to check there was nothing more I could do. Came up with call 999 with knowing why I made contact. But as I have an ambulance nearby and the symptoms were easing opted not to given how busy they are and it was my doing. Hence the addition to my tagline now. Do be careful, please for the sake of loved ones if not yourself not just with art but anything.

Will resume tomorrow artwise but slowly I think so to conclude this Media of the Week, I’ll extend it if required into Monday. Thank you. Glad in a way it happened to me and not any if my followers.

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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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