Journal 3rd October 2021 – Sunday

You’re Joking, Surely?

My time away from art last week taught me, or rather reminded me of many things. It gave me time to think and review things more. I was inadvertently partially blocked on Twitter for following and unfollowing people while compiling lists of things like art courses, places to visit so I could always find them. I lost some followers because of it. It’s fine. I don’t mind in the least. I took the opportunity to reconfigure things to suit me, not you.

I was nearly at the point of leaving social media altogether, forever this time because a couple of people I blocked. I spent most of my time on there tweeting to those who followed me using the opportunity to get to know those who have always been supportive and nice to get to know them better. I couldn’t do many RTs on art at all except from my followers, so I became far more selective as only being able to do so three at a time enabled me to get to know them a little better. I tweeted about what I was doing and lost a few more followers. I tweeted about my views, more left, by politics, my responses, my experiences. More unfollowed me. And when I had done all I could to protect my account and right to privacy, and tweeted about safeguarding in the light of R Kelly being convicted, others unfollowed me.

I was frankly surprised half of them didn’t leave, because a child abuser may do the same. If you are worried about who I am in real life at any point, unfollow me. I lost about 25 followers over the week. Only two of my followers have met me. I might have lied throughout in DMs about who I am. I’ve made blunders galore on tweeting things the wrong way with one and yet, despite getting angry they listened to my reasons and still follow me. They told me you need to sit back and have a culling of followers at times even over art. Another blocked me who I really liked but didn’t like the responses in a thread from their followers. I don’t mind. I do not need social media.

I do not need my website, I do not need to spend the time helping a young couple next door move, or delivering a plant to to an 80 year old lady who lives on her own and just wants to be dead because of the state of the world as it now? I could’ve instead just catch up with my art challenge for this year. I didn’t do any art yesterday because I have felt the same and don’t care in the slightest when I die now and my relatives know it and feel the same. And if you do not like me asserting that, unfollow me. I do not need you, you do not need me given the population as it currently is in the world. You can find others.

People confuse want and need.

I commended Channel 4 News last week and a person unfollowed me over just one very rare broadcast that covered all the issues I am most concerned about and covered others too. It doesn’t mean I don’t care about the others. In the later half of the week there were reports about a corrupt police officer, and instantly there’s a outcry from the press and the public follow. What if Rolf Harris had just been groomed into his offences by Jimmy Saville and now regrets he ever was? Child abuse is nothing new any more than domestic abuse yet the way the media portray it you’d think it was only a phenomenon of this century at times.  If you don’t like be saying so, unfollow me.

I don’t have to share my thoughts at all.

I have one follower who detests the police but my experiences have been different and found some officers exemplary. We don’t have debates on it, far less start a tirade of abuse and tar everyone with the same brush as our first response. When and why did that become the fashion? When as a species did we stop or become incapable of thinking first and acting second and making decisions based on our own experiences instead of following the flock in the wrong direction? When did we become so incapable of being adaptable in times of crisis, so selfish, so greedy, so thoughtless, so callous?

People unfollowed me yesterday for a top 10 list of how to save money. I said, start your own thread… I didn’t expect my followers not to add to mine though. But this morning no one had. My mother died on the mattress I was born on over 40 years later. She never had a back problem in her life despite being a nurse. People’s expectations on life have changed precisely because living standards have for developed countries improved so much. We never had central heating and never had a freezer for a large family in the 1970s. We larders and little food stored in plastic.

Even in my parents time, during WWII the government of the day issued recipes, advice on how to keep going during that crisis. Now we have too at the same time effecting the whole planet, and for pointing that out, another unfollowed me. You do not have to be Greta to agree with her with “blah, blah, blah” even when you agree with your government these days. If you don’t believe that climate change is happening, unfollow me. If you don’t like or respect science or religion unfollow me. If you don’t like me saying I care about nature more than people, unfollow me or for saying that the illegal trade of trafficking animals has cause Ebola, AIDS and Covid.

If you are a Republican who voted for that man unfollow me, if you are an anti vacation campaigner unfollow me if you loathe me speaking out at all on anything unfollow me. If you are in favour of disbanding the police, unfollow me, if you think I am black, white, single, married have children, had children, have loads of family left or just one, if you think of me as male of female, if you are young and hate all adults or old and loathe the young, if you detest bisexuality, lesbianism, the whole LBGT + movement, if you are racist, if you don’t care, if you don’t recycle though much of it is being incinerated without a carbon capture unit, if you never forgive any… Don’t follow me.

I’m just being me. Are you? And I have lived enough already and had enough too.

I don’t need art to survive. But this is my artwork for ‘Suit’ yesterday’s prompt for Inkoctober. If this artwork goes viral, I will leave the internet forever. It is now only for my followers who remain and you cannot follow me now unless others unfollow me first. I have al ready more than I need. And if that results in it just being the two I have met it would undoubtedly suit me better.

People are belly aching about medical waiting list, yet the NHS itself young when you think of history. The suicide rate for all our emergency services years ago was among the highest of all professions, I can only imagine it’s THE highest of all now. We are lucky to have any emergency services at all. Imagine if we had none. If you have never done anything to help another to safeguard another to steer them clear of danger quietly, respectfully without saying a word about it every, unfollow me. If you do not like compromise, unfollow me. I do not care in the slightest but…

If I were her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II on my 100th birthday, I know what I would write.

“Dear me. Quite.

Well done me for reaching 100.”

You can no longer hit follow without me permitting it.

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