Journal 3rd October 2021 – Sunday

In the Beginning

Bear with me as I get to grips with this new site of mine. A long time ago I attempted to study fine art and after years of neglecting doing drawings, paintings and some print making have finally got back to it because during lockdown like many, I found an app that helped me to get drawing again.

That app was and you can chat to them on Twitter or Facebook about what they do. I am very grateful to them for two reasons, the first being it got me drawing, and second being it inspired me to develop my own website, but sadly that website has just about done my head in. So I’ve started this one to take over from it bit by bit.

I still pop into SketchaDay but quite often I found the prompts weren’t inspiring subjects being either too specific or too ambiguous, but as they told me on Twitter, they didn’t like to make things too easy which is fair enough except that if your aim is to get folk to start drawing, the subject matter I think should not be difficult to grasp. What to draw can be a problem for artists of any level of experience and I did enjoy challenging myself to try to think out of the box for a while.

The main reason for starting my own website was to ensure I did an artwork each day for a year and to share a bit more info about art and the subject matter I found interesting, challenging or inspiring. So I launched at the beginning of this year to do just that. Sorry Weebly fans but this free platform is not for me and if free versions annoy you, then I don’t then pay for a better product from the same provider. So I’ll see how I do with WordPress but am much more hopeful already as it’s much easier to navigate.

So there you have it my story so far and here’s where I’m up to with my self imposed challenge of doing an artwork a day.

This page is just a gallery of images with my prompt ideas but the journal page has been sharing techniques, and some of my favourite artists works which I’ll be devoting separate pages for in here in due course.

Published by SketchSocial

Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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