Media of the Week Laminating 1: Leafy things and paining marks

Strictly speaking using a laminator is not considered to be a medium and is more commonly used to help display notices, but perhaps it shouldn’t be. As artists we should be exploring possibilities so one day, years ago, I began doing just that using paint before saving my experiments first in polythene, hole punched A4 pouches, then clear plastic pouches and finally doing the same using a laminator. They’ve proved invaluable as being protected by plastic, it makes my ideas easy to wipe clean which enables sticky young fingers to pass the ideas around, with or without instructions on the back to occupy children’s imaginations for hours. You don’t even have toget a laminator though as this American lady demonstrates…

You can buy just the linator pouches and use an iron and a smooth piece of cloth over the top. If, however you want a laminating machine I have never come across a one that has worked on the cold setting so do be careful when using them with vulnerable people. The other thing to remember is how thick you can make something before sandwiching your artwork in the laminating pouch. A laminator that goes up to A3 size cost about £30 or you might find one that works in a charity shop.

The laminating pouches come in various sizes and prices reflect that. You can get the pouches in gloss or matt the smallest size you can go is business/bank card size, then A6, A5, A4 and A3 but you must remember to ensure there is always 2-5mm of just the pouch all round the edge to seal your artwork. You can trim down the artwork afterwards to make several from one pouch using scissors, a craft knife or a guiloutine. Job done.

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