Media of the Week Laminators 2: Cuts, strings and more things

If you’re into paper crafts then cutting your own stencils and making stained glass type hanging mobiles and window ornaments couldn’t be simpler. Above you can see two of mine just made from thick cartridge paper and on the right tissue paper, on the left off cuts from stage lighting filters. The pair were intended to be part of a mobile which I never got round to finishing. Sellotape works just as well for designs like these if you haven’t got 9 laminator. It is best to cut out two identical leaf forms to sandwich the tissue of filters between them so that if a breeze catches them you can’t see a messy side. Below is another couple of designs under construction.

Things needn’t be that complicated though. Offcuts from guiloutined artworks make for interesting geometric designs either randomly scattered or positioned and stuck down with sellotape onto the inside of a laminating pouch.

You can cut out shapes from cellphone too, in fact anything to make and abstract design.

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