Media of the Week Laminators 2: Cuts, strings and more things

Last month was an unmitigated disaster with regard blogging having spent two weeks in hospital rather than two weeks on a much needed holiday. I was simply doing too much and the doctor’s orders are to go at a more measured steady pace to avoid a repeat. I have always been a workaholic so it’s difficult to break the habit of a lifetime. Above you can see textured fibre paper, wool and string and below just a plastic bag and more threads. Now you have the idea this is nearly all there is to laminating which is behind this media of the week. My intention was to post once a day although I don’t think I never declared I would.

Tomorrow I’ll endeavour to write a piece on cellophane and lighting gels which is the main reason for my choosing this subject. I can only suggest that you look for colour, texture and forms for laminating your own artwork. Who knows it might even turn into and art genre at some point.

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