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Catching up – 40 Printmaking Links

Due to unforeseen circumstances I never did devise a system for doing quick follow ups to my #MediaoftheWeek that has, one way or another, caused me such trouble health-wise. It’s under review along with much else on here. I won’t be ditching any feature but merely making it easier for me, so that come 2022 everything’s ticketty- boo again.

20 printmakers from my Twitter Printmaking List

  • @AmyVik
  • @AshdownDiana
  • @bppstudio
  • @Catherineprints
  • @ClareCurtisLino
  • @cookprintmaker
  • @Hannahartprints
  • @Inky_Macintosh
  • @JackieCurtis
  • @JaneWPrintmaker
  • @JemmaGunning88
  • @Joning64685534
  • @KitBoyd
  • @Kfjonesprints
  • @larkstudios
  • @LouiseBarr
  • @louisestebbing
  • @Royalprintmaker
  • @RuthMacdonald1
  • @sallyengraver

Which of them will be my first #artistofthemonth though? One I’ve chatted with, or one I’ve not made contact with? They’re all on my Printmaking List on Twitter @social_sketch which I’ll pop back to once a month come 2022. Wait for it…

20 More Printmaking Links

  • @TheBostonPrintmakers
  • @CambsOrigPrint
  • @Edoartjapan
  • @Epsprintstudio
  • @EtchingMill
  • @folioprintmaker
  • @GreenwichPrint
  • @Inprintca
  • @Intaglioprintmaker
  • @Linocutting
  • @Northlondonpri1
  • @Printfestnews
  • @PushingPrint
  • @re_printmakers
  • @Revealprint
  • @Screenstretch
  • @Teesideprintprize
  • @Wprintcreatives
  • @wyprintworkshop
  • @ukprint

As to websites, some have them, some don’t so to play fair I’ve listed none. Sorry it’s only 20 of each but a relative told me I swamp others with ideas in my enthusiasm to share things so am trying not to now.

Published by SketchSocial

Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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