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Following on from today’s #ArtTalk I did a bit of research to write the article. I make no apologies for mentioning Rolf Harris, the fact is his work will continue to command interest, if not now then in the future though I personally think there are better artists to promote.

It got me thinking about what’s popular and trending at the moment, so here’s a few links for you to explore.

1. 10 most expensive paintings in the world 2021

10 Most Expensive Paintings in the World 2021

2. Artfinder – Artworks for Sale


3. Artsper – Trends to Look out For

5 Art Trends to Look Out for in the 2021 Art Market

4. Artsy – Trends to Watch


5. Sothebys – Trends and Predictions


6. Art news – The Next Big Thing

What’s Next? 18 Trends That Will Move the Art World Forward

7. 99designs – Graphic Design Trends


8. The Block Shop – Art Trends


9. Canva – 10 Influential Art Movements


10. platform – Emerging Artists


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Amateur artist trying to complete my challenge of an artwork for each day of this year. Along the way I'm sharing techniques, favourite artists for anyone interested.

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