Media of the Week: Collage 3 – Mosaics

Often thought of as child’s play and used in therapy as it can be a mesmerising, process paper mosaics are another form collage work requiring forward 0lannimg and a good deal of patience.

Mosaics themselves have been around from ancient times, most notably there are many Roman examples, but I have to confess to having never been tempted myself until now. From a simple coffee cup to a Gaudi or Klimt inspired abstract pattern the affects you can achieve, I think would will agree are very pleasing. It’s

You don’t need to buy special papers to do a mosaic, though they are available even as pre cut stickers, you can just use old newspapers, magazines or any paper you fancy. Before you start gluing it’s best to sort your mosaic prices out according to colour, shape or size depending on your design.

I particularly like the newspaper mosaics so am itching to have a go but so far I have only attempted one mosaic using cut tissue paper based on a painting of nasturtium leaves I did years ago for a commission for a hospital (see above).

To make a quick background you can glue your small mosaic pieces of paper or card by scattering them onto your page after covering it with glue. Shake off any excess leave to dry and add more if required. Alternatively you can use torn strips of paper.

For further inspiration for design ideas you might want to look at textiles in general and specifically patchwork quilts, samplers and any image with a strong pattern.

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