Media of the Week: Collage 6 – Digital Collage

What is digital collage work exactly these days? To be honest I’m not entirely sure now. In the early days of photo manipulation it was often quicker to cut out images from a magazine than it was to cut, paste and blend images on a computer but this evolved and kept doing so. Today we have gone, to my mind way to far for us to be safe in the knowledge that we could tell the difference between a straightforward photography and one that has a few blemishes rectified.

Now we have programs with no rules of usage so that images can be imposed onto of others; a person can be made to look, do and say things they would never do. It’s little wonder that fake news is on the rise when an avatar or robot can mimic human behaviour so well we are all fooled by it. I doubt the world and our lives are really befitting from all this added confusion in already troubling times. You can bet there would be protests galore if it was all suddenly banned worldwide.

What started out as fun and exciting has truly made our lives mirror art as how much more surreal can things get when everything we see and hear on the internet can be a fiction.

For me digital collages are not the clearly posed or airbrushed articles. To please me they need be obviously fantastic; oddities that cannot be real… I hope. They range from sweet and charming to witty, magical, inspiring, beautiful, enticing, inventive; all the way through to thought provoking and downright sinister, menacing, disturbing and depressing. How we combine images says much about who we are as a species, the marks we make can never do anything but tell our collective story.

I’ve already harped on about my views on what constitutes art in an ArtTalk of mine here on this website suffice to says a bacon nutty is a bacon nutty is a bacon nutty and for me it can only be made interesting by people doing something with it as an image. I buy mine from roadside cafes and greasy spoons and nothing will induce me to buy them from anywhere else.

So, like paintings digital art to me has to provide a story or some element of interest beyond looking like a photographed snap shot. Photography itself in capable hands does this by the bucket load so here I’ve collected a handful of pleasing examples that you might want to try including a one of my own.

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