Media of the Week: 2 A Pack of Cards

Above is the layout for a game called ‘Sequence’, a game I had never come across before. To make your own board you will need two packs of playing cards, a board to stick them on and some glue. The game seems to be popular in America and the rules are in the link below.

There are so many books on card games using playing cards as well as rules on the internet that I’ve chosen to focus on card games using alternative playing cards. The game of Uno is one example of a card game roughly based on a game using playing cards which I know as ‘Black Jack’ where if you pick up a black Jack you have to pick up 7 cards, 8s mean miss a turn, 2s pick up two and aces can change the suit. In Uno you have colours and numbers and the game is simplified.

Specifically designed playing cards have often come about through originally being played with playing cards with their four suits with 13 cards per suit and two jokers. You can of course design your own set of playing cards or your own set of cards for games like Snap, Happy Families, Old Maid, Donkey.

Below are a couple of memory games I made. The first is a simple game of remember pairs as you turn individual cards over, the second is an observation game as well as a memory game. But studying an image, what features will you remember.

Card games can involve swaps, actions, collecting, matching, forfeits, missing turns, chance cards, lucky dips, guessing, finding things, singing, dancing, mine, drawing, quizzes, riddles and clues and nothing could be easier to make by sticking cutting out images or text, writing or drawing instructions. From guess who to charades, from Just A Minute to What’s My Line, that just required prompt cards; card games are ideal for long journeys for all the family.

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