Media of the Week: 3 Word and Number Games

First Word

As we learn to read and write we are often taught through rhyming and matching games. There are three letter word games where swapping letters one at a time, gives you new words. Unlike many, I grew up with a word game called Keyword, a precursor to Scrabble and along with puzzle magazines they can greatly helped my literacy development. Below is one game I came up with based on the word wheel game you see in newspapers and magazines. Each letter has a value with those on the black squares earning you the most and all you have to do is make words from the surrounding adjacent letters in one minute. Land at the end of the row and you get the column and rows letters to make words with.

You can invent your own crosswords ad infinitum if you print out a layout and laminate it and use wipeable marker pens. Clues can be visual or literal, cryptic or quizzes. One of my favourite.crosswords was codebreaker crosswords where you had to work out which number corresponded to which letter of the alphabet. For wordsearch games you might want to set out a grid and write your own, taking it in turns with an opponent to find as many hidden words as can be found in 30 seconds. Bonus points could be awarded for any additional words your opponent finds that you didn’t write.

You might prefer to make a set of rebus cards, or invent your own anagram game and miming quotations or phrases is an interesting take on the game of Charades for prompt cards. Then there’s games on a theme such as a season on the year or a missing letters games. Language evolves with use and while I wouldn’t claim word or number games improve your brain power they will at the very least keep your skills tuned up with regular use. Developing those skills can only come through setting yourself ever more difficult challenges; they undoubtedly give you skills that will always prove useful. When talking word games you are also talking memory games and those that require you to talk such as Just a Minute, Articulate or drawing games like Pictionary all of which you can make yourself not least to suit your storage space.

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