Media of the Week: 3 Word and Number Games

The numbers game

Numeracy games come in all shapes and sizes. Suduko being one of the most popular in recent times. Many games have mathematical solutions and depend on strategy which is why computer versions are rife and why mathematicians are difficult to find a game for that involves maths that stimulates them. Go, Chess, Chinese Chess, Draughts and Backgammon are stalwarts for them, Noughts and Crosses and Othello, less so.

I’m ok with numbers but I’m no boffin so what I tend to look for is a number game that’s got simple rules but where strategy and luck go hand in hand. Online there are hundreds of number games from 2048 to matching games like Dominos and Bingo, Dice games and games to improve your maths; teaching aids to suit all levels of numeracy for basic equations. Far more challenging, and to my mind often obscure are Mensa puzzles, yet logic puzzles, particularly based around breaking codes have always been of interest to me. Mastermind was a favourite of mine as a child until my brother, who was a boffin mathematician explained how it worked. No spoilers from me though.

Many engineering toys and games are based on logic and mathematical equations from betting games like Roulette to Connect Four. The simpler the number game is to start with the more inventive you can be in creating your own unique game. Here’s a couple of links to inspire you further.

10 Fun Parent-Tested Math Board Games

Number Games Gallery

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