Media of the Week: 5 Solo games and puzzles

There are many reasons why people may play a game on their own, most popular are a variety of versions of solitaire played with playing cards. Above is the board game of solitaire. Some choose to spend recreational time on there own while others do not. Isolation can be for medical reasons as well as social ones, the elderly in particular can find life very lonely which makes me wonder why there aren’t more games design for solo players. There’s IQ pro, Rubik’s cubes but they’re difficult to make, it’s as if you are being forced to buy a game or go online. However I did find a few options that you can make at home the first being Tchuka Ruma.

Divide a 10 inch strip of paper into 5 equal sections. We made 2 game boards. One is 10 x 2, the other is 10 x 3. Write “Ruma” in the final end section. Objective: to get all the counters into the “Ruma” section. Set up: place 2 counters in each of the blank sections.

How to play:

Pick up counters from any square and drop them, one by one into each section (similar to Mancala) towards the Ruma square. This is called “sowing the seeds”. What comes next depends on where your last counter falls. If your last counter falls into Ruma then you move again, sowing seeds starting from the square of your choice. If your last counter falls into an empty space, you lose. If your last counter falls into a space already occupied by one or more counters, pick up all the counters from that square and continue sowing the seeds.

Good to know: There is only one solution that will get all the counters into the Ruma square.

Links to lists of solo games

There are intact quite a few board and card games suitable for the solo player. Most games have rules you can look up online so you can make your own personalised version to player yourself or make as a gift. Remember rules are there to guide you, if you can think up better ones or an adaptation who is stopping you? Who would know?

Best Solo Games To Play In 2021

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