Media of the Week: 6 Activity games

The word is boxed games at home are making a comeback. I’ve focussed on games we could all make this week, though I daresay many may use this more as a shopping list. Just think how much money you could save for games that won’t come out to be played very often. Sadly many get glued to the internet for all their entertainment, but I hope I have inspired some of you to get playfully creative so that you never lose the art of social interaction even during what I suspect will be a few more lockdowns before Covid has finished with us.

Here are some activities for all that I found via Pinterest. Apologies for the advertisements in the links below, nowt to do with me. Some games will no doubt be more familiar to you than others, adapt and invent your own but please, play nicely.

1. Team building games

2. Pantomime games

3. Activity games

4. Water play

5. One minute games

6. Party games for adults

7. More team building ideas

8. Kids drama games

9. Acting games

10. Party games

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