Death is but a shallow curse
Tumultuous life can be far worse
So brandish your bombs, your swords and guns
Defiant love this way comes

Mock the dead, slander our souls
We’ll not be conquered by your goals
Nor ever tethered to bow to plea
You’ll harm no more my love and me

Torture, pain and anguish come
It matters not, we claim the sun
The seas the wind will battle on
And will do so when you’re gone

And barren sands to fertile soil
Renew again by steady toil
You’d poison hope with witless guile
We care not still, at you we smile

And piteous though our plight may be
How far far pitiable your efforts be
Contort and trick, corrupt and twist
Your shackles weaken at my wrist

You think to starve me but I am fed
By faith in others when I am dead
Distort all truth with layered lies
Watch out below, we have the skies

You cannot win nor endure
We are of Earth, we are the cure.