Dave Green

Dave Green is a dilettante artist and poet of a contrary persuasion with a tendency towards the lugubrious, the nebulous, and informal conundrums. By the careful but unexplained placement of torn up photos of steam trains and previous pictures he had come to hate, alongside vigorous brushstrokes and the illegal mixing of water and oil Dave manages to achieve a slight variation on all that precedes his daily efforts. He feels this could be worth celebrating. He is a private person who has found selling his work a chore and so, while he does sell some, for the most part he prefers to donate his work to those he meets. He works with the mentally ill and being an avid cyclist himself, helps young cyclists with road safety in his spare time. He was born in Grimsby but now lives in Sheffield where he also writes his poetry which he endeavours to share everyday on Twitter. Here are two examples. To contact Dave, please use @1963DaveGreen on Twitter.