Artist of the Month 2022

Seizure  23.4.22

Instead of simply carrying on
I stopped the planet, halted time
The tanks were rendered stationary
Winds of war ceased in the trees
Selecting default Eden mode
I had the missiles swept away
Troops changed into civi togs
I left the battlefields to the dogs

No, not one of my poems. Just one of many works from this month’s artist. Dave and I seem to have much in common. Mostly we give our artwork away for free because we can’t be bothered with agents and gallery fees, the faff and nonsense of the world. He’s convinced me to sell a few, so I hope folk buy his too for what they’re really worth. He is far more prolific than me, writes poetry too and helps as best he can the mentally ill. I give you… for my birthday month of July…

Dave Green


Shoes like lifeboats
Faglip habit stuck
Capp slapped on greasy bonce
Eyes of a cow
Penguin demobbed jacket
Flipped back like a rudder
Pocket hands
Foot bar brasswork
Propped ball and socket
Gob stance poised

Violent beat pulp vogue
Sick misogynist rogue

There’s a mannikin at my feet.
Nearby, a ladder, a power tool,
Ceiling tiles, wire cutter.
Spare me the acronyms,
Do you take me for a fiend,
A cad, some kind of nutter?
he cowboys are coming
So I’ll break some ribs
Recall the old script to utter.

I wonder
Is it cyanosis?
My world a carousel
a salmon
From the fridge
Flesh of amphibian perhaps
Exchanging gases with gusto
Sketching body maps

There are leering, loping folk
Leaning in
I wait
In untroubled carapace

Contact via Twitter @DaveGreen1963

Dave and I have had hell putting this together. So the essential things are ther