Artist of the Month 2022

My artist this month is a linocut artist to tie in with my Media of the Month – print. Printmakers it seems are extremely busy so I’m delighted to get Keith on board. He has been quite modest as most recently he enjoyed his work appearing as a short series of tutorials in ‘The Artist‘ magazine.

Keith Tunnicliffe

I have a background incorporating high quality China & Glass, Giftware Design and an enthusiasm for the Coast and Countryside, art was always going to be important to me.

From my early days, growing up amongst the hills and mills of the North, I have always appreciated what the UK holds for artists.

Working with quality products I used my skills in Ceramic Design for the Giftware Trade before moving into Web Design. When the opportunity arose I, together with my wife Georgina returned to the picturesque and colourful fishing port of Brixham on the beautiful South Devon coast.

The area has inspired me to challenge myself with a new discipline and I welcomed my love of creating individual, original Linocut Art.

Keeping my feel of atmosphere in my work I print on to watercolour paper and my acceptance in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 was a huge endorsement as I look to the future … I hope you enjoy my work!

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