Artists That Inspire

Susan Trudinger

If like me, you’re not familiar with #AustralianArtists then I suggest you do what I’ve done and go and search for some of their work via the internet. Like all nations, Australia boasts a huge number of artists covering all media and styles of work so you’re bound to find someone whose work you like.

Until recently, I only knew of two Australian artists and one of those was born in the UK but moved to Australia a few years back. #SusanTrudinger is new to me and in the course of her life has lived in several countries, but her art didn’t really take off until fairly recently.

What I love about her work above all else is her use of colour which is for me is always wonderful, but never more so than in her native Australian landscapes. The forms appeal to me as they have an illustrative quality with bold shapes which have an element of graphic design about them.  

She now lives in Canberra and was possibly influenced #BrettWhitely (another Australian artist I recently found) but with added whimsy. She specialises in nature and particularly landscapes which I feel take you on a journey to beautiful mythical places which gives you a very lovely sense of escapism.    

“I have been involved with the creative arts all my life. My inspiration comes from nature and is an integral part of my life. Painting and drawing for me is one way I can live fully in present and hopefully contribute in some way to bringing visual enjoyment and beauty to others.”

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