The price comes down the longer the print run, which is why these big companies usually give you an option to double your order with your second batch being at a lower price. The chances are it will be printed anyway and it you don’t buy it, it can just become waste. Which is why when you decide later to order more they usually will have something of yours left if you’re quick but the price now is back to the original, though they may offer discounts for loyalty cards and repeat orders.

Getting smaller to go large

As you can afford it, to you may prefer to turn to smaller printing companies where you can not only start to have more choice over the stock (paper or card) but also you can start to think about your individual look, feel and design. You can group all your stationary together for printing the whole lot in one go to ensure the paper and colour used is exactly the same. You can reduce the price by using a single colour or a duotone where two colours help to make a third colour where they overlap and all with possibilities of the full range of shades from those hues.

If you are printing 3 colours, you might as well print four but for bags, make a stamp or stencil of your logo, and for card, why not get a slip cover, folder and/or box or cartons printing to bother market and sell your artworks in. Additional extras come with details such as pockets, joins, stitching, glued pages, perferations triple folders and complicated shapes for your design. Always check what your price for stationery per unit is before deciding on how to price your product.

The smaller the print company, the more exciting the options get, but you need to be aware of their schedule. I got into the habit of placing orders at least a month before I’d need them because if there was an error it gave me time to see if I just needed stickers to cover it up as if it was an intrinsic part of the design, or to give me time to get things printed again with the corrections done.

With late deliveries for a launch, just don’t pay them, and when they get shirty about it, charge them for storing their waste. Smaller print companies are however your best bet for bespoke design and you can make further savings by tagging on your small order onto a longer print run that uses the same paper stock and ink but the cost of switching to your chosen colour ink wise is minimal that having to start your run from fresh.

Finally, for now, following a thread that occurred on Twitter, here are the links some of my followers shared as the subject turned to marketing itself. I soon ducked out, but not before introducing Chris Lee who, with 40 years of marketing experience was happy to share the following links. He is a fascinating man with many interests so is, in my opinion worth following on his own blog site. When he has time, I hope he will do a guest #ArtTalk dedicated to Marketing creative wares in general.