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Just missing blogs republished as I reconfigure how to do thing ahead of next year, 2022. It got lost as I learned how this platform worked so it’s time to tidy up generally.

Getting out the most you can

Among my favourite activities have been abseiling down a scaff tower, indoor skydiving, being taken up in both a glider and small aircraft and getting lost in Derbyshire on a walk in the dales. I am very much a land lover as the sea terrifies me, but will take a dip in a sheltered cove and skinny dip if no one’s about. I much prefer the smaller scale for as beautiful as the pikes and mountains are of the Lake District and Scotland their might suggests to me we should not dwell there for long. I adore the views on a fine day, but as those who live in the most remote places on Earth will testify, it is sheer hard graft to survive day to day at times.

A lodge house at the entrance of Mentmore Towers

Nor do I intend to restrict myself to the beautiful as the artist can be a record keeper of events and changes our societies undergo. The famous ruins people flock to were once entact places that had a function, populated and carried out by ordinary citizens and the notable celebrities of their time. The same is true of housing and industry, fortifications and places of worship with thousands which have given way to new ideologies and technologies of their time.

Land Army during WWII – many such tractors are probably serviceable if not in use today despite. the demand for larger models as a result of the enormous rise of factory farming which resulted in so many hedgerows and meadows being lost.

The derelict factories and abandoned transport links of today are just as much a record of our lives as the latest skyscraper or technical gadget. Our youngest citizens often are baffled by dialing phones and tape recorders and life without a family car, supermarkets, online shopping, a TV, computer, fridge or freezer at home. Yet for many of us that is what we grew up with. If we don’t include the everyday things we take for granted when recording our times, how then can we properly share the experiences that went with them.

It’s not what you think. It’s not a lightbulb at all. It is an example if what was once commonplace in electronics.

The workings of a tape recorder.