Media of the Month

June 2022 – Ink

Rather later than planned, my media for June is ink. The delay is down to being frantically busy exploring up north as I’m selling my home in Bedfordshire. The decision came after spending just two nights away in countryside I adore, full of rocky rivers, woods and hills. The industrial North not that Southern England doesn’t have its appeal too, I was born in Buckinghamshire but have always felt most at peace in rugged terrain with a bit of grit as we say here. There are industrious folk everywhere in the UK and beautiful too.

It now takes me hours on here to load even one block, be it text or images, heading or page break. However as I am tenacious to ink I have returned albeit late. This time round I wanted to explore using a brush, adding water and using dip pens, feathers and sticks. My campaign to be more expressive this year journeys on. Below you can see, two renderings of the same subject. The first is last year’s standard type of drawing with a selection of drawing pens with different size nibs ranging from 0.05 to 0.005 which is my favourite. Aside from anything else I wanted to keep my hand in.