Media of the Month

February 2022 – Acrylics

For February my media is going to be Acrylics as I want to get back to using a glue spreader to paint with. Below is my favourite example from last year. I’m glad I stocked up on art supplies given the colossal price rises hitting us this year here in the UK. Sadly it does mean pottery is on long term hold as I doubt I can afford to run my kiln but we’ll see.

Unlike last year I won’t be exploring every technique for any media but merely those which I wish to explore further. So with luck I might get round to a bit of brushwork too. I am a bit weary though at time of writing due to a new medication so art wise everything ground to a halt. Slow and steady is very much my aim for this year as a result there won’t be as many artworks produced by me but what there is I hope will end up being of a higher standard. Only by keeping at it can any of use improve on that score.