Media of the Month

January 2022 – Print

Each month I’ve decided to try to produce as many works as possible in one media or another. To begin the year I’m picking up where I left off by continuing with print work. My main aim this month is to produce some screen prints which I was not very successful with last year. The design I’m starting with  is below and all finished works will go into my print gallery.

In addition I never got round to much in the way of reduction linocuts or separate colour plates. I feel a bit more confident with lino now having expanded on my mark making when making some prints for a local Bird of Prey centre and farm. In the main though most of the birds will be done on other media for them. I’m merely gifting the images to give them license to print them on anything they wish for their gift shop.  Below is a new linocuts done this year which might get gifted to them too.

There’ll also be more drypoint etchings where I also hope to work in more than one colour with more than one plate. As yet I haven’t a clue as to how to go about it. Finally I shall attempt a piece which combines various printing techniques.