Project of the Month: September 2021

2. Slabbing success

I had to return to this month’s project for two reasons, the first is for once I’ve made progress I’m excited by the potential of some things now and the second is to remind myself of all the things I need to make to see how far I’ve got. In addition as slab pots is my next technique on my pottery blog for beginners it’s a taster of what’s coming up on Tuesday.

So progress report…

1. The thrown pot… Well I be begun to tidy up my egg cup on my £20 wheel as if I can find no time to do more it’ll have to do. I’m hoping that won’t be the case as I half hope there’s some throwing workshops at the festival I’m now going to in Stoke at the end of September or beginning of October so further attempts might be late but nonetheless done. I do intend to give it go at home again on my full size wheel if,  my next #mediaoftheweek doesn’t put a spanner in the works time wise.

2. Following on from my visit to the Henry Moore Foundation I was inspired to do a sculpture, but as I got interrupted when making it, it wasn’t one I made blindfolded in the end. Not worried about doing one that way though as it’s a way to relax as much as anything and is used as a form of therapy for that reason.

3. Three vessels that fit neatly inside each other. Oh yes. Really excited by this one at present despite initial nerves because of one in particular from my slabbing away. But I’m not sharing pics of that one until it’s completed bar this which is by way of a teaser at this point.

It still has a long way to go with two firings ahead of it at least, so anything could happen. Don’t be put off by how roughly these pots look. Plenty of opportunities to hone and tidy yet pre firing if you’re a beginner which is why I did these quickly but intend to do make more far more slowly and carefully before the month is out to increase my chances of success but mainly because I thought of another design I really want to try out anyway. 

4. Blindfolded coil pot. No progress at all yet but as coil pots will be my 4th blog for beginners recapping my first 5 week course they need to be started before Tuesday week as I really haven’t made many of them at all over the years. It’s reminded me to include a gallery of other people’s work to tag onto the end of those techniques for further inspiration. It’ll just be images as I may have overcommitted myself for this year as it is on here.

Generally I feel in my enthusiasm for art, and in an effort to get an aid memoir for myself as to what to include on this website I published some things a bit early. Techniques and exercises I haven’t touched for a while. But bear with me as I’m determined to rectify that next year and plough on to do as much as I can without it becoming a chore or making me ill by just overdoing things. Never a great way to share anything. So in conclusion, overall I’m pleased with what I’ve shared this far and really happy with my pottery section at present and I hope to give another update next Saturday.