Project of the Month: September 2021

Project of the Month: August 2021

4. Media week and the final result

Sadly I was a bit poorly at the end of my #MediaoftheWeek on acrylics so I neither finished my week of blogging nor three major contenders to pick just one. However I did finish a few fairly early on and I’ll tell you how I did it if you read on for anyone who wants to have a go.

First though, doing a week with just acrylics has brought back and added to my skills and knowledge. Practice will always do so. So I thought I’d start by sharing a couple of pleasing results from my experiments from my acrylic Media week, now I’m on the mend.

On Monday was acrylic pour, splatters and dribbles and most of my favourites from the week unexpectedly came from those experiments. The first was a tree that suggested itself from the acrylic pour technique so I just painted in the trunk and tweaked bits of the rest such as the land and a few more branches. The second was from Tuesday’s Watering down just using a very watery burnt umber and the third and fourth being from Wednesday’s brushwork efforts.

Below the light blue ripples were produced by covering the canvas with paint turning it on its side and then dribbling watered down paint repeatedly. Not a fan of the result I kept going as you can see in the second image and I just blended in some white with brush and finger to finish my first major canvas. The second painting is much smaller and I did a photo manipulation version of it. the third painting of the wall was all applied with a palette knife using unmixed colour both from the pallette on the canvas. Finally the last row shows a couple of stages of development of one I have yet to finish that started as a series of dribbles but uses many technique as suggested on Saturday.