Project of the Month: September 2021

The final cut

‘Collapse’ my attempts of mixed media street art on a canvas

On Friday of Media of the Week, I rashly stated ‘Collapse’ was to be a contender for my major piece for Project of the Month, but it was at the end of Friday that I got wiped out and in effect ‘collapsed’ by acquiring a stomach bug and remain pretty tired still, this following Wednesday. So I’ve decided to take things easy for the rest of the week and largely stay off the internet bar a bit of blogging.

The cityscape the wall and the ripply waves were all contenders for my final piece, as was this landscape below which almost made it until I lost all the spontaneity of marks like these dripples by doing more to it. Note to self, don’t loose them in the future.

So after a slow start my final piece to complete this month’s project is this painting of a vase of flowers. It reminds me a little bit of Olidon Redon’s work And was another spontaneous effort that was very simple and quick to do. It also happens to be on the torn canvas I mentioned at the start of the project, though I unearthed new large canvases during the month I’d forgotten about.

A vase of flowers that serves as a reminder of my learning on many levels. The light caught the vase of the left which in reality is where the shaded area is but it still works for me.

To start I had already made some blocks of colour on it as a means of cleaning some decorating brushes. I had intended it to be a geometric abstract and had hung it on a wall in my shed to ponder what to do next. It got torn while doing some DIY. Then dribbled and splattered paint on it to see if I liked what happened for texture to and when semi dry washed it off leaving the outline of blobs. It began to suggest a vase of flowers so I did it again… and again… and again to build up the marks and left it to dry on the floor of my shed.

My final and literally only touches were courtesy of some large blobs which hadn’t dried overnight as by then the canvas was thick with paint. If I’d had the canvas on an easel or my wall the blobs would’ve run for a quite different effect. I dipped my finger in a few of the large blobs and swirled them round to give a loose impression o petals. Job done. I like this piece most because it reminds me that I can be loose with acrylics which I have rarely ever done and not go in with or rely upon paint brushes. Learning is never the responsibility of the tutor, that belongs to each of us as learners so I hope I will never stop experimenting as I find the prospect of new surprises that await very exciting.

So, now all I have to do is relax and decide what this month’s project will be. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices so far with regard to media but not with regard to what to set myself. Hopefully I will have decided by the weekend.