Project of the Month: September 2021

2. Starting off

A Trio of Fruit

Just posted on Twitter is one for my August prompt of ‘A Trio of Fruit’ (see Daily Draw for this year’s prompts).

Looking back over this year, it seems I have only done three acrylics this year, but I hope to do more tomorrow having been inspired a few videos I’ve been watching this evening. Among them are some speedy excercise which I’ve posted on my Art Exercise page to encourage me more to catch-up on this month’s project and my Challenge for this year.

In actual fact there are another three works which I never finished as I changed my mind over what to do for previous prompts which means on average I’m currently doing slightly less than one a month. That’s really quite a shock for me.

The delay in getting started this month has largely been down to DIY, necessary to make room to undertake a large work since the arrival of my new kiln, pottery wheel and printing presses. I have however made myself a new easel and unearthed a couple of large sheets of hardboard in the process. Large to me is anything over A2 size so now I have a few options for my major work.

Just one last problem… What will be the subject matter?