Project of the Month: September 2021

1. To produce one large Acrylic Painting

I happen to have only one large canvas left, and it has a tear in it, but along the way I hope to be producing a few more acrylics as years ago it was all I used to paint with. This year I’ve only done four acrylics so, as I fancy a change from watercolours I decided to do a few more this month leading to a major canvas. As yet I haven’t a clue what the subject or the rendering will be.

I switched to watercolour when I decided that it was ok not to go with prescriptive rules as I found it was both quicker and took less time to set up and clean up afterwards. Most of my acrylic canvases are in other people’s hands now mainly as donations and gifts but the one above I still have in my spare room which, though tiny, acts as my art studio.

So sadly I seem to have lost the photos I had of these works so I’ve had to make do with snaps of the photocopies I made from them which don’t really do justice to the colour. Bottom left is the closest to the vibrancy of all of them. The above was part of a series of 8 paintings I did for a Mental Health ward which has since closed. The other 3 canvases were a tryptich of a landscape with birch trees, each was 4 X 4 foot in size. Personally I wasn’t happy with any of them except for the nasturtium s bottom left. Luckily the ward was delighted. I got paid mainly in paint, lots of it.

These I did to raise awareness of the Fire Service National Benevolent fund as at the time, I lived opposite a fire station and most of my neighbours were firefighters. I was young and disorganised so it didn’t raise much money not least because I did not do much marketing for it. There works got donated afterwards. ‘Behind The Mask’ at the bottom was of my friend Nick who suggested the idea. He has since changed career.

Finally two more commissions for friends Liz and Eddie. Eddie as you can image was quite a character but recently died of cancer. I don’t do commissions now, as I find it too stressful and I prefer the freedom of doing whatever I like without the pressure of having to earn a living from my art. I rarely sell my works but I might have a clear out at the end of the year.