The Right Place part 2

On reflection I perhaps should’ve made DIY projects this month’s project as DIY and I are not the best of friends. Aside from my electric saw blade snapping, which I am still waiting for a delivery of a replacement, I also ran out of the right size of screws and nails. My frustration escalated but I have now managed to complete my table for my living room, which has just been hoovered within an inch of it’s life to transform it back to for original function from being a temporary workshop come studio. I am quite pleased with the result as now my sofa is at last free of sketch pads, drawing implements and my watercolour set.

Meanwhile upstairs is just needing a tidy up before I begin to catch up in earnest with not only my Monthly Project, which this month is Acrylic Painting, but my Daily Draw prompts, though to be honest that is more for followers than myself. I just need the prompt to keep on track with this year’s challenge to myself of an artwork for everyday of this year. I could of course just do quick sketches, but it’s not how I started so now I feel it would be a shame not to continue to create works that take a bit longer than 30 minutes. Here on in it’ll be a mix of both.

Lastly will be sorting out my shed, for which I hope to have a friend helping on Monday. If I manage to get an artwork done today I may well do another day trip tomorrow to either a zoo or Perry Green, the former home of Henry Moore.

PS. Thank you so much to all those who popped by yesterday, it seems my #ArtTalks page is the most popular at the moment, with MediaoftheWeek being my second most popular feature. So thrilled so many are enjoying my site already after such a short time. As #MediaoftheWeek takes up so much of my time, and because it gives followers a chance to explore a media at their leisure, it is only scheduled for one week each month. August’s will start on Monday 23rd. Hope you join me for it.