The Right Place part 1

I live in a small terraced house and so with the arrival of new art equipment it’s required a major amount of organisation to fit it all in. First to arrive was an A5 book press, then an intaglio printing press, a new kiln and a potter’s wheel.

Additionally I stocked up on art materials. Most rooms in my tiny home have been effected with just about every storage space emptied and decluttered. While I enjoy organising spaces, I do not enjoy my home being in such a mess.

Currently my living room floor is covered in bits of wood, tools, screws, nails and glue for making a new table to store A4 sketch pads and drawing materials so that they don’t get piled up on my sofa. I’m in a quandary at present as to how to attach legs and a drawer onto an old magazine rack turned on its side. The design is simple enough but the scraps of wood are so limited I have ground to a halt.

I’m annoyed with myself for being so ambitious as along the way I kept having more ideas and better design solutions resulting in undoing things I started building. The sitting room has only just recovered from my print week at the end of which I discovered ink had got on the carpet despite every effort to prevent it. Fortunately I managed to get it clean again.

Upstairs, my bedroom needed a rolling draw to store my portfolios of large artworks under my bed. Thankfully that is built and my sleeping quarters are only being cluttered up by artworks being flattened again after being rolled up.

The spare room is the smallest and what I use as an art studio in the winter months as it’s usually too hot during the summer. The intaglio press needed a cabinet on wheels to sit on which prompted me to raise the height of another smaller cabinet which sits beside my chair. Then there was the built in cupboard which is above the stairs which needed shelving for canvases and better storage on my 50 tubs of acrylic paint. Finally, using an old broken clothes horse, I’ve decided to make an A frame easel complete with shelf or tray.

Meanwhile both the new kiln and potter’s wheel also need trolleys to sit on to enable them to be neatly stored away when not in use. My objective is to have everything easily accessible to undertake any type of artwork without any risk of messing up others.  I’ve been at this constantly for three days and it hasn’t helped that my electric saw needs new blades which I haven’t ordered thereby slowing things up. My hands are currently swollen and at this rate I’ll not only not get round to visiting Perry Green as intended, but I’ll also be behind on my 2021 challenge and this month’s project of a large acrylic canvas. Humph. Time I think to reassess my schedule. Cuppa tea I think while I do so.