Up and running

Please to be able to announce my Website building is now complete with all the pages. Blogs and features I intended to add. Next year I may add one more page of artworks you as a result of techniques and exercises I share on here.

You are welcome to leave a comment on here from anything you see so long as you’re polite anytime. I’m afraid though that I won’t have time for personal emails or long chats generally. The best way to chat to me is by following me on Twitter where I tweet artworks from others nearly everyday.

New features

Media of the Week in now up and running as is my little aid memoir Experiments and Ongoing to help me keep track of my plans and promises. My first week of focusing on one media seems to have gone down well which I’m delighted by as printmaking often gets sidelined and my aim was purely to generate more interest in this medium which, to me, seems under used.

Media of the Week will only be for one week each month. This is partly due to me not wishing to abandon other projects and artworks for too long. I am a scattergun when it comes to creative ideas and inspired by printing I sidetracked into collage. The other reason for doing this is so that people can take their time to do more research of their own, which is why and indeed how most if my pages will now grow as a sort of reference library for techniques, artists and links to other sites.

The next medium I’ll be exploring I’ll write before it goes live and just add new pages when the week arrives.

Reduction printing from Media of the Week

Monthly Projects

Sadly I haven’t got round to writing the conclusion of July’s Monthly Project yet but hope to after I’ve finished clearing up after my Printweek.  I am still dithering about what to do for August and can’t decide a sculpture, a large scale painting, a chess set or putting one of my concertina books to good use. I could continue with print now that bithe my new presses have arrived this morning.

Also coming soon will be another day trip out so maybe that will help me decide.