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Artists That Inspire

A selection of artworks and artists I find exciting which build up from my Artist of the Week choices every Wednesday

Firstly welcome to new followers and secondly thank you for bearing with me as I continue to build this new (only a week old) site. It’s now got its bare bones in place and is nearly complete with regard to all the pages I want on it.

I can’t control the behaviour of others anymore than you can all I can do is ask people to think before posting anything online with regard to how you phrase things. If you detest something either say so nicely or move on and not say anything at all. Find something nice instead to both say and look at.

Still to add a page I promised a few days back Media of the Week to focus on just one media at a time. That will now start … tomorrow!

Media of the Week coming soon

Once a month I’ll be devoting a week I’ll be to explore a different medium. For this year it will be the last week of the month starting on a Monday.

Another page is also planned for posts on Experiments I try out usually a technique or quickie especially for learners agonising and struggling over new things their trying. We all do it but please remember to refrain from swearing if you feel like venting your frustration s with a comment as there are both young and vulnerable folk watching whenever you do that and it can lead to an assumption that that is what you’re like all the time. I prefer to be thought of at my best not my worst myself but you will get blocked if you do it on here just to keep it as friendly and inclusive for everyone. Abuse of any kind on here will result in my blocking you for that reason.

I have given myself until the end of this month to finalise the building of this beast, and load up as much as I can for August to fill my pages with. Already scheduled are more ArtTalks to take me to the end of August to  kick start debates, which initially I won’t be joining in on but feel free to chat among yourselves until I do.

Project of the Month

Each month I’ll be setting a new project to complete which may be a painting, scraper board, collage, mixed media, print work, sculpture, pottery, glass fusing or whatever grabs me.

Also coming soon … The conclusion of this Month’s Monthly Project. Not decided what to do for next one yet. And they’ll be more Techniques, Genres and Artists That inspire. Slight change to Artist of the Week in that if it’s a living artist I’ve chosen and chatted to, they stay on that page. Egon Schiele will be moved to Artists that Inspire next week to make room for a new one.

I think that’s all for now. As I didn’t get round to updating DailyDraw yesterday, I’ll do that soon and because I now realised there will always be days when for whatever reason I can’t fit in art time at all, I changed my challenge to myself for this year to producing an artwork for each day of this year, and not to do one each day. So sometimes the prompt is for a piece that takes days, at others it’s for a quick sketch. It’s there for ideas however you choose to use it or not. Just take from this site what you like and leave the rest. It is only one of hundreds out there so don’t forgot to explore lots to suit what you’re looking for and the manner in which it’s presented. Tonnes of artwork to do now so sorry for not responding to comments much at present. I will endeavour to do so as often as I can going forward.

Daily Drawing  Challenge

10 and 30 minute challenges to a new prompt every day