Hint hint

As no one is making any guesses on Twitter to my little competition as to where I went yesterday, as unhelpfully Twitter has picked the last 24 hours to do one of it’s been stalling and on a go slow moods, I’m postponing my reveal as to where I went yesterday. Suffice to say I took a few snaps to share later. It was the first time I’ve used my phone for photos outside of home and because of the blazing sunshine I couldn’t see half the pictures I took and many others where blurred by not holding the darn thing steady enough. So I intend to go back to using my digital phone for such trips in the future.

I did take enough images to inspire new artworks though, and so will be doing a series of abstract pieces that are predominantly in all shades of white as I was inspired by a visit to an art gallery recently by an artist who had done something similar in figurative form. One of my clues for where I went was the above image which triggered others like it as references to work from.

Allowing more time for entries to my mini competition, (there is a prize of a postcard from the gift shop for current followers there) just as a bit of fun, has helped me out. It gives me the opportunity to share what I intend to change my Themes page to on here to as today that’s what I started to explore for my other pages. And here is a link to my first example to whet your appetite.