Exploring Further

My page of finds from around the internet, including blogs, websites and a few videos

Rebecca’s site, (found via the discovery, section on WordPress) seems to be a good one to dip in and out of for information on materials and equipment, and helpful for answers to anything related to them, which is something I won’t be doing, at least not in this format. I’m now following Rebecca in case I get stuck too but also because she’s tackling some of the debates we have about Art generally. Not sure I want to enter that realm here but I’ll continue as I started on my Techniques and Genre page which I’ll resume building next week.

In essence if I don’t want to cover something and because I don’t want too many pages, this page will be for all the creative things I find. I’m not sure yet if it will just be another Links page or if I’ll be including a paragraph to go with each link yet. It will probably be a mix of both. Bear with me while I dither over that is I’ll only really decide when I start to build the page.