Where in the World?

By the time you read this I will hopefully have arrived at one of these destinations

  • A Bird of Prey Centre
  • Cragside Northumberland
  • Henry Moore’s home, Perry Green Hertfordshire
  • Shuttleworth Museum, house and Swiss Gardens
  • The Gower Peninsular, Wales
  • The city of York, Yorkshire
  • St Ives, Cornwall
  • The Derbyshire Dales

I set out early, and by the time this post goes live, I’ll be having lunch at one of these places. My aim is to visit all of these places before the year is put, as well as sign up for a a couple of arts and crafts day or weekend courses that I hope will help me develop my skills or add to them.

Possibly later tonight, but definitely tomorrow I’ll be telling you about where I went and what I got up to. Although if you’re following me on Twitter, you’ll soon work where in the world, or more accurately the UK I am today as I’ll be sharing snaps either as the day progresses or later this evening. At time of writing I’m wondering which you would pick and why so I might do a survey on Twitter just as a bit of fun. I do plan to do a bit of sketching at each of these places as well as take dozens of pics for reference in case I only visit once although some of the above I have visited before.

Today is also the day that I’ll provide an update on how I’m doing with this month’s project… The kiln has been emptied and the results are out and the pictures are now taken. Sorry if pages keep moving or disappearing it will settle down soon, but the themes page will be going permanently as it was only meant as a quick starter test post anyway and now I’ve updated the Daily Challenge page you’ll find new prompts there. I hope the weather holds for my trip… Enjoy your day wherever you are.