Journal October 2022


I have recently been taking a break from art to start my novel and because it’s so cold in my shed, sadly pottery is still on hold for now. This year I am determined not to clutter up my living room with every kind of media as I did last year as my carpet merits a break and a deep clean now. I did get round to a bit of watercolour with a view to doing more later in the year. It’s a convenient media to use for many because you can just get going on even cartridge paper with a basic set of paints and brushes.

Work in progress

Watching the TV series of ‘Watercolour Challenge’ has highlighted how little I know of the media and the techniques used. There is no doubt about it, watercolours are on the agenda for further exploration.

As part of my Media of the Month on printmaking I did a one day course on using kitchen foil which I shall be writing up shortly. I found the results quite interesting such as the one below.

Printmaking using kitchen foil

Next week I’m planning a return visit to the Cecil Higgins Museum in Bedford which still has an Edward Bawden exhibition on among many other things to see. Entry is free. Who knows I might see you there!

Finally I’m having a tidy up of my site or trying to so please bear with me.