Linking up

A work in progress I shared yesterday on Twitter

Ahead of my forthcoming Links page which I hope to make live this weekend, I found this while digging out the websites I want to include as links I personally like. It’s worth a read so I thought I’d share it now.

In some ways I should give up now, but it doesn’t include all I want to include, it just covers Art Societies in the UK but it’s as a good place to start as any, and I’m sure there are similar sites listing art societies in countries all over the world too if you look. Eventually I will too, but as I’m British and you have to start somewhere it’s the UK that I am initially researching links for. Art is international anyway and a universal language that everyone can access, so they’ll be no nationalist guff or snobbery from me I can assure you.

While I’m tweaking and building this site you can expect something new everyday – probably until the end of this month but thereafter at least three times a week as it kind of defeats the object of freeing up time to do artwork myself if all I’m going is feeding this beast.

On the subject of links though here’s what a developer told me about how the internet works that I think everyone should know.

Every time you click on the internet your search engine takes a note if what you’re looking at and bundles up that information with thousands of others just like it and sells it… In nano seconds to advertiser’s VPN providers and anyone else interested. VPN providers then sell it on again and so it goes on in nanoseconds 24/7.

A work I played with a lot using photo manipulation

It’s happened like that for years and it helps advertiser’s reach their target audience and like it not many businesses would not survive now without it so legislating to ban this practice would most likely mean many people losing their jobs in every industry you can think of.

Understand this isn’t just about collecting data every time we click accept cookies though the same is true. You can muddy the waters a little by clearing your usage history and by never sharing your location but they all catch up with you again and again regardless. This is why you end up with all those annoying advertisement s in your news stream on your social media accounts that are of no interest to you at all because if you click on a site accidentally that’s enough to result in an advert your don’t want. Twiddle with your social media settings all you like but the chances are you’ll never get free of it. It’s why I only do Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

The one comforting thing to remember for those of us who value our privacy is the fact it is computers doing this in nanoseconds which means no actual person is reading the information as far as I understand it. It happens so fast too there is little chance of it which is why national security services have such a hard time of it nailing down criminals which is the one thing I would like this system to achieve.

Anyway, now you know, the rest is up to you with regard to internet time and usage. I just found it fascinating to learn, if a bit alarming til I had a think about it. And it’s for odd things like that I have my journal for. Except a journal entry on anything frankly but will mainly relate it to Art most if the time. If you haven’t already, feel free to use the menu to explore these… Well most of them are live now so it’s plein-air time for me at last!