Journal October 2022

A Whistleblower’s Tale

Looking in
Getting the better of themselves
Curiosity guides their gaze;
Like window shoppers,
They peer in on pain
Without sampling its effects.

Looking out
Humanesque faces shove and press
Against the windows.
She feels like a sideshow freak
Entertainment for stranger beings than herself.

How do you know you love someone if you don’t want to risk your life or health for them. People don’t even stand by each other when a person is ill or injured from whatever cause. I’ve been accused so many times of being too outspoken, rash, too passionate, too sensitive and yet it’s still to me better than the alternative. Such comments bore me to tears. I do not and cannot fathom the attitudes of others unless they are “stranger beings than myself.”

Relative Attitudes

If-I-can was a friend to Doubting Thomas

His disbelief at his own reflection

Was enough to mar anyone’s outlook.

But-I-can was related – an older brother I think;

Or maybe a cocky younger.

No matter, the difference between them

Wasn’t that great.

And-I-Will was their cousin

Who talked such and awful lot;

And-I-must being his sister

Who you already know.

And-You-will and And-You-Must 

Being their parents.

Their nephew, And-You-know

Is my brother, twice removed from me now