A pause in proceedings – expressing gratitude

I shall be back later today to write my first blog post but as I need to catch up on sleep. It is annoying given it’s much sunnier today and I was planning on doing some Plein air sketches for the first time in years but setting this site up has rejuvenated my spirits after six months of the free version of the Weebly platform. Website developers often cringe at folk used to using websites when they think that enables them to set them up. It does not automatically qualify you at all. Different platforms therefore suit how different minds work, so I won’t slate Weebly, but just say it hasn’t suited me.

In little more than 24 hours I have achieved all I wanted to and more with regard to setting out pages and areas to visit without the need to ask for assistant though WordPress supplies videos to help those who need it. It’s cost me the princely sum of £36 for the year to have a domain name and website. I hope I won’t get bombarded by marketing emails as the result will be the opposite of their goals and note you can opt for a new email address which comes free for 3 months. I am not one to use email that much now so might delete the email subscribe contact facility on here for that reason. Such things are for data capture for commercial enterprises not for those who just like to chat about art.

Art time has been in short supply for me recently so my aim is to free up time away from the internet not increase it. For this reason I hope to blog rather than burden myself with gathering info as I was with Weebly. I am to do so at least once a week but will continue to steadily build up each page that I’ve started here too.

The blog will be about Art, and my journal will be about anything else, usually connected with it, for example, I’m intending to take in a couple of one day creative experiences, so you might get a review here of an art course, but get info about the creative process I learn in the blog.

Currently, I have six months from my Weebly site to select from and move here, but I feel I’ve made good inroads into most features for now. Only a couple more to kick start and there’s bound to be a few teething problems but I’m nearly there.

I hope therefore you’ll enjoy visiting this site often to see what’s new. I won’t tolerate rudeness, trolls and requests for money from strangers anywhere. I block those who do that. You’re best bet if you’re interested in following is to catch me on Twitter, follow me here and just comment as and when you wish. We all tend to spend so much time attached to technology that it often seems we have become plug in devices ourselves. Covid has only increased this trend and seems to have led to systems permanently switching in that direction despite folk stating they’ve missed personal contact and experiences away from devices during lockdowns. I hope we don’t loose all that we thus far have taken for granted as a result.

Anyway, as I often mention, as my mother was Irish. I could talk for England but as I do need a recharge and have a headache, it’s time for a midday nap. I hope the sun is still shining when I wake later. If you’re reading this then thank you, I like inspiring creativity so it’s a joy to do this hope it keeps you positive about being creative too.