The Brick Wall

Very often we can hit a brick wall when it comes to creativity so with my new website I hope to build up ideas to at the very least keep me going, but I hope others too. If I get stuck, I’ll let you know.

At present as I continue to build this site the opposite is the case. Please let me know if a button doesn’t work or leads nowhere, it’s bound to be my fault somehow, and I can’t promise I will be able to fix it quickly or without help. Any computer program, app or device takes a while to get used to and I’m a nightmare to developers as I always insist on trying everything before looking at any guides. Partly due to idleness, partly as too many instruction manuals and guides are either overly complicated or instruct you as if you haven’t got a brain that functions at all but mainly to test out if the program is one that suits the way I think and like to use things.

I once worked with a developer to design a program and soon learned how little they can sometimes understand about how users will operate their masterpiece of programming. In return I began to understand a few of their standard conventions and tools which do enable ease of use for the operator and administrator when it comes to systems that are used by many.

Enough of getting this site up and running though, just to say that by the end of the week I hope to have a few of the following up and running along with pages for a gallery or two, a journal and/or blog and a few links for good measure. Best to crack on really.