“We interrupt this program…”

My few regular followers (though stats tell me I get well over 500 hits each month this far), may be wondering what on Earth has happened to my schedule of delights. Well, sadly I had a break for health reasons and ended up in hospital. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was so overloaded with fatigue that during my trip to the pottery festival in Stoke-on-Trent as weird things were happening with my sat nav I couldn’t find my hotel. I slept in my car in the end as there and the following day the local police found me.

They kindly took me to a Travel lodge where I slept all day on and off amid refuelling. The next day I still hadn’t recovered. I wasn’t just suffering from jet lag imagining night was day but psychotic. It’s happened a few times as I’ve always been a workaholic and that’s enough on it’s own to make anyone ill in this way. There was an American DJ that once famously tried to break the world record on going without sleep live on air and he too suffered the same fate within a week.

The irony being that I’d taken the holiday to rest up but recovery from my psychotic confused state has been swifter than ever (4 days to be completely free of confusion and adjust but two weeks in hospital to make sure of it as a voluntary patient), with me agreeing to a med that will hopefully prevent such instances happening again. I’ve waited 23 years for just such a med so fingers crossed this is the one that keeps me tickety boo. In effect most of October art wise has been a wash out. These things happen and since then I be been careful to slowly begin to catch up on features here.

My pottery bog will be every two weeks for a short while. My ArtTalk remains on hold, my media of the week has proved to be the killer even though it’s only once a month but I am pleased to say my Artist of the Month will be going ahead, just earlier in the month so it doesn’t clash with with media week.

Going forward come the new year, my challenge will change so that will make things much easier too and I’ve already announced on Twitter that I’ll be leaving it as that too has taken up too much of my time, not least because with recent events I’ve got embroiled in politics too. It was never my intention to but climate change and corruption alone made me want to say something as if we don’t we run the risk of losing our voice which has been hard fought for in all democracies across the globe.

I never expect all to agree with me and never ask them too, but I hope I’ve given some pause for thought. Tweeting without doing so upsets so many and anyone’s child could get very distressed by anything angry or offensive on there.

Finally I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being on twitter with my followers but I found I needed more company in real life so I’ve taken to smiling more when out and about, chatting more to the elderly in particular; listening to music, going for walks, cycling and gardening, committing to do more for our local climate change group, making suggestions for solutions to organisation s in charge of things as well as an email to Number 10 Downing Street to improve matters for our NHS staff and I’m currently listening to ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’ by Barry Hines on audible.

Life is never about one passion and as artists we should be mirroring our experiences according to what we find that inspires us. Without experiences away from drawing I believe our works would be all the poorer. Life is for living, so be explorers as we will often find delightful surprises on our journey. Stay safe, play nicely. Thank you for being interested enough to read this and hopefully accepting me as being just another human being just finding my way having adventures on my travels.