Lost and found

I wasn’t planning on publishing anything more on pottery until Saturday when I’ll be giving my account of how I’m doing with my Project of the Month but something happened today so it’s given me an excuse for an extra journal piece. But here’s a taster of what’s coming up pottery wise by way of a quick pic.

I’d forgotten that with the warm weather things would be drying out quickly so it’s as it turned out it was good to have a tidy up. I seem to have adopted a routine now of religiously tidying up after getting all my playthings out for my various artistic endeavours. Unfortunately it’s resulted resulted in my now not being able to find several things I now want as my tidying involved an attempt to reorganise storage to rotate thing round in readiness for the next project. So I’m decidedly miffed as well as a bit poorly which is partly why there won’t be an #Arttalk this Friday as I don’t as I never intend to write anything just for the sake of batting something out. Had to do that quite enough as a student and at work, so never again.

I began my tidying spree today because I couldn’t find pen, paper and cards to write my GP a missive. The card is because every year he likes to receive a desk calender of my artwork and in the interim any missives to him get written on a printed card which I get done once a year just for posting to friends and family.

Not only could I not find them, but I seem to have misplaced two of my all time favourite pieces of pottery that I made years ago, my new alcohol inks which I wanted to try and a few other things besides. I think as a result in the case of reorganising things while tidying is overrated, and for me it’s now a case of a little not often.

I wanted to write a quick note to my GP regarding my difficulty in securing an appointment. Since Covid our wonderful NHS is more overworked and underpaid than ever and because of Covid services have changed. Indeed it’s been in the news that cancer patients among many other conditions are now dying because of the backlog on waiting list. I’m not that seriously ill fortunately but as prevention is not only better than cure it’s also usually quicker and cheaper too.

I have a couple of medical conditions that flare up now and then, one of which can turn quite serious unless I act quickly by altering my medication. I know my GP well enough to just pop a note through the door but even passing a message on to him is now not possible by phone. Unless it’s an emergency appointments are very rare and you either have to book online or get up in time for surgeries when they open in the morning. I’m a night owl so there’s little chance of success with the latter.


One of the first things I found was that registering online was hopeless, despite numerous attempts each time after a break from the initial flurry or trying and carefully following the instructions and passwords etc sent, no joy. However my doctor’s surgery isn’t far from me, hence the note. The point is please don’t waste the time of our NHS for minor ailments, injuries and niggles. Phone 111 instead because if you do that you are probably going to make the situation worse for the NHS generally as well as costing some else who needs them more urgently their lives.

That’s really the main reason for this Journal entry but I also happened upon these which I am pleased about including so artworks among the printed cards. It’s reminded me to do some more scraperboard if I can’t find my new inks and I m a bit more hopeful of finding all my artworks for my challenge this year as that’s the reason their not all uploaded onto Pinterest.

Lastly I found my purse so I can go to my local chippy now instead of cooking tonight. I’m that tired now I may well go to bed afterwards.